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Praise for Hyper Chariot

"There are not many businesses that you can honestly say have the potential to change the world, but Hyper Chariot is certainly among them. It looks set to finally deliver on an age-old dream of hypersonic evacuated-tube transport and, in the process, make a space-age future an everyday reality."Alan Coote, Presenter - Let’s Talk Business

"It’s wonderful to see how technology can make life cheaper, easier and more fun and for everyone. Hyper Chariot looks like a thrilling new way to get about that could revolutionize our lives. I love the idea that it could enable us to whizz round the world in a blink of an eye and at a fraction of today’s prices." - Jasmine Birtles, personal finance pundit and founder of

"History is marked with new technologies that have totally transformed the way we live and view the world. In recent times we’ve had the Internet and mobile phones. Soon, we will have Hyper Chariot, and like other revolutionary forms of technology, it’s possible we’ll wonder how we ever did without it."Claire Meadows, Huffington Post UK blogger