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Nick Garzilli is Founder of Hyper Chariot, poised to be one of the world’s most dynamic and forward-thinking brands in the next 50 years and beyond. Hyper Chariot is working to shoot you safely through a tube at 4,000mph. Garzilli’s primary focus is commercializing the technology of tomorrow today through strategic partnerships in the transport, aerospace and entertainment sectors.

Hyper Chariot’s mission is to make major breakthroughs in our global transport infrastructure. Garzilli is determined to eliminate traffic and pollution, in addition making travel exciting and more affordable for all.

Nick recognized a dire need for our current transport systems to be updated. He questioned why transport is still operating like the rotary telephone. In 2011, he joined the ET3 Consortium and became a driving force in the tube transport industry.

By March 2012 he was EVP of Global Development & Marketing and catapulted ET3 into the spotlight with a feature in Gizmag, at the time their most commented article in the history of their magazine. In 2013, Garzilli became COO of ET3 and was featured on national and international news including: BBC World News, Bloomberg, Breitbart and Los Angeles Times. Elon Musk invited Garzilli and the founders of the ET3 Consortium to a meeting at SpaceX, three weeks prior to Musk’s release of his Hyperloop Alpha white paper.

Garzilli graduated from USC School of Theater in 2002. He lives with his wife Joanna and son Dominick in Los Angeles, CA.




Joanna Garzilli is Co-Founder of Hyper Chariot, an emerging worldwide transport network that plans to get you from London to Edinburgh in 8 minutes by 2040. Garzilli is in charge of forming global strategic partnerships and runs the day-to-day operations of Hyper Chariot.

Joanna is the author of, "Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules For Ultimate Success,” published by Harper Collins.

Garzilli has been featured in media nationally and internationally including: BBC News, BBC Radio, Fox News, NPR, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Independent. Joanna teaches her clients “Lead through service.” She has shared the stage with Sir Ken Robinson, speaking on Social Impact for BritWeek, a charitable organization focused on bringing creativity and innovation to businesses in California.

She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Nick and their son, Dominick.




Before becoming an actor, Matthew Modine studied astronomy and oceanography inspired by the brilliant works of Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau. “Astronomy made it clear to me how precious life is on this remarkable planet floating in an immeasurably large universe. Oceanography taught me how urgent it is to protect earth from the destructive activities of humans.” Matthew started Bicycle for a Day in NYC. BFAD worked with others to create bicycle lanes, safe routes to school, and a bicycle share program to reduce carbon emissions and traffic in the city. He was honored for his efforts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In addition Matthew is a supporter of American Forests and WaterKeeper Alliance. Matthew has received multiple Emmy nominations and is a Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe award-winning actor. He's currently starring in the Netflix global-mega-hit STRANGER THINGS. He's been referred to as "one of the best, most adaptable film actors of his generation" by legendary NY Times film critic Vincent Canby. Matthew has worked with many of the film industry’s most acclaimed directors, including Oliver Stone, Sir Alan Parker, Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman to name but a few. His critically acclaimed film work as a writer/director has debuted at the Museum of Art, Tribeca and Sundance Film Festivals.